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Want to Make your own circuit Board?

Want to Make your own circuit Board?

Are you a student or hobbyist interested in making your own circuit board. Then check out our section of Bare Copper Clad PCB's. We have a various sizes of copper clad PCB's which you can use to make your own circuit. We have both Paper Phenolic PCB's as well as Glass Epoxy PCB's. Now easily make your own Circuit board at Home.

If you do not want to go through the hassle of Etching & Drilling a PCB then make you circuit on General Purpose PCB. We also have various sizes of General Purpose PCB's also called as Dotted PCB. Which will be beneficial for implementing your project.

And if you want to use SMD components in your project but having a hard time designing your PCB for integrating the SMD IC on that PCB then you can use our SMD to DIP Convertor PCB's. These PCB's will help you integrate SMD IC's in your current design perfect for hobbyist & companies for testing their circuit.

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