Introduction to Maduino

Arduino and IoT modules have drastically changed the world of Automation and because of the open source technology it has become very easy for embedded and IT developers to design IoT enabled prototype hardware and provide proof of concept.

Most of the time the prototype boards are quite bulky with too many jumper wires and cannot be used for further applications. These prototype boards can also sometimes not be used in practical conditions. Moreover developing custom PCB for proof of concept is quite time consuming and difficult task as not everyone has know how of PCB designing.

So to cater to the new age of startups, embedded developers and IoTpreneurs in India DNA Solutions brings to you easy to use and compact Maduino Series of IoT Modules.

Maduino boards will be perfect for developing a compact hardware for your next IoT prototype. You can even use it for your final product. We can modify these boards as per your requirement and manufacture it for you. For custom design requirements you can email us at dnatechindia (at) gmail (dot) com

What is Maduino?

Maduino is a compact Smart IoT board (55mm x 40mm). Maduino integrates a microcontroller which is Arduino IDE compatible and has an IoT module on one single board. Maduino also provides integrated power control system with battery charging and battery protection circuit.

Maduino Explained

Maduino Series of boards is basically a IoT module + Microcontroller. The Microcontroller used is either SMD Atmega328 which as all of you know is used in Arduino pro mini and some Maduino boards are also powered by Atmel’s SAMD21 MCU, which features a 32-bit ARM Cortex® M0+ core (wow!! Super powerful).

So how to find out which Maduino boards uses which Microcontroller?

Well its really simple

Maduino Zero series uses Atmel’s SAMD21 a 32-bit ARM Cortex M0+ core.
Maduino series uses Atmels SMD Atmega328 Microcontroller.

Another really cool thing is that you can directly use Arduino IDE to program the Maduino Smart IoT modules. Your basic Arduino IDE is sufficient to start using the Maduino boards. You don't have to add any board in the Arduino IDE to use Maduino.

We have classified Maduino Boards into three different Series

Maduino Lora Series

Lora Modules allows the user to send data and reach extremely long ranges at low data-rates. LoRA provides ultra-long range spread spectrum communication and high interference immunity while minimizing current consumption. The LoRa modules uses HOPE MICROELECTRONICS RFM98W chipset and comes in two different frequency bands viz 433Mhz and 868 Mhz. The microcontroller used in Lora Module is "Arduino pro mini 3.3V with 8MHz bootloader"

Maduino GSM/GPS Series

Various types of GSM and GSM + GPS Integrated modules are available in the Maduino Series and they can be used as per your requirement. Simcom & Ai-Thinkers Modules have been used with Atmega328 IC or with SAMD21 MO cortex microcontroller to provide a powerful and flexible modules that user can integrate in their product and develop your IoT Product. Maduino GSm + GPS boards can be used to develop your own compact Tracking system. Complete list of Maduino boards is given below.

Maduino Bluetooth & Wifi Series

Bluetooth and Wifi are quite extensively used in transmitting data over short range to your mobile or laptop. Thesemodules are extensively used in Home Automation and even in Bio-medical equipments and monitoring of vehicles and Industrial parameters.

Keeping quality and power consumption in consideration Maduino boards have used BLE 4.0 based on HM-13 BLE module and Ai-Thinkers ESP8266-12S Module.