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Raspberry Pi Zero 2W

Raspberry Pi Zero 2W

Raspberry Pi Zero 2WRaspberry Pi Zero 2WAt the heart of Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W is RP3A0, a custom-bui..

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Rs.6,199.00 + GST

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ESP32 ­WROOM­ 32D Chipset (4MB)

ESP32 ­WROOM­ 32D Chipset (4MB)

ESP32 Wroom 32D 4MB Flash with PCB AntennaESP32-WROOM-32D with 4MB Flash and PCB Antenna based Wi-Fi..

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In this set of articles, we'll learn exactly what a capacitor is and the different types of capacitor. How to calculate capacitance and how it's used in electronics.

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Introduction Wayne Storr 13958
Capacitor Types Wayne Storr 2140
Capacitor Characteristics Wayne Storr 1390
Capacitance and Charge Wayne Storr 10503
Colour Code Wayne Storr 15468
Capacitors in Parallel Wayne Storr 1292
Capacitors in Series Wayne Storr 1162
Capacitance in AC Circuit Wayne Storr 9373
Summary Wayne Storr 8153
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