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ESP32-WROOM-32E-N16 (16MB 128Mbit Flash WiFi Bluetooth Module)

ESP32-WROOM-32E-N16 (16MB 128Mbit Flash WiFi Bluetooth Module)

Espressif ESP32-WROOM-32E 16M 128Mbit Flash WiFi Bluetooth ModuleESP32-WROOM-32E 16M 128Mbit Flash w..

Rs.348.10 (inc GST)
Rs.295.00 + GST

SKU: 3633 | DAF175
Stock: 200
ESP32 ­WROOM­ 32D Chipset (4MB)

ESP32 ­WROOM­ 32D Chipset (4MB)

ESP32 Wroom 32D 4MB Flash with PCB AntennaESP32-WROOM-32D with 4MB Flash and PCB Antenna based Wi-Fi..

Rs.277.30 (inc GST)
Rs.235.00 + GST

SKU: 2810 | DAC620
Stock: 48

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3.3uf 50V Electrolytic Capacitor

3.3uf 50V Electrolytic Capacitor

3.3uf 50V Electrolytic Capacitor 3.3uf 50 volt Radial Electrolytic CapacitorThis is a 3.3uf 50 ..

Rs.2.48 (inc GST)
Rs.2.10 + GST

SKU: 1434 |
Stock: 0
KBL10 Single-Phase Bridge Rectifier

KBL10 Single-Phase Bridge Rectifier

KBL10 Single-Phase Bridge RectifierKBL10 Single-Phase Bridge RectifierThe KBL10 Single-Phase Bridge ..

Rs.21.24 (inc GST)
Rs.18.00 + GST

SKU: 3188 | DAD229
Stock: 35



Rs.94.40 (inc GST)
Rs.80.00 + GST

SKU: 0041 | SEN013
Stock: 0

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Thank you for taking out time to know more about DNA Technology. DNA Technology is an E-Commerce Venture of DNA Solution which provides complete Digital & Analog Solutions in Electronics. We are a fast growing R&D firm with in-house manufacturing and online as well as local shop located in "Wine Capital of India" Nashik (No we do not sell wine).

We are an Indian online retail store for electronic components, sensors,Robotics and all stuff required to make your electronic project work. We cater to student, hobbyist, and industries as well. 

Our vision is to make electronics more accessible to an average person. We do not just "SELL Components" we personally use all the Electronic IC's, Sensors and Modules that we sell through our online and local store. 

Most of the modules have been developed in house. Everything at DNA Technology has been designed keeping users in mind. We develop development boards, breakout boards, wireless modules and even provide Academic project Guidance to engineering Students. 

We also take bulk orders for components, modules & sensors as well. Currently we are supplying modules & breakout boards to distributors all over India. For bulk requirement please mail us at contact(at)