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ESP32-WROOM-32E-N16 (16MB 128Mbit Flash WiFi Bluetooth Module)

ESP32-WROOM-32E-N16 (16MB 128Mbit Flash WiFi Bluetooth Module)

Espressif ESP32-WROOM-32E 16M 128Mbit Flash WiFi Bluetooth ModuleESP32-WROOM-32E 16M 128Mbit Flash w..

Rs.348.10 (inc GST)
Rs.295.00 + GST

SKU: 3633 | DAF175
Stock: 200
ESP32 ­WROOM­ 32D Chipset (4MB)

ESP32 ­WROOM­ 32D Chipset (4MB)

ESP32 Wroom 32D 4MB Flash with PCB AntennaESP32-WROOM-32D with 4MB Flash and PCB Antenna based Wi-Fi..

Rs.277.30 (inc GST)
Rs.235.00 + GST

SKU: 2810 | DAC620
Stock: 48

SMD Resistors

DNA Solutions has SMD Resistors in in various packages like 0402, 0603, 0805, 1206 etc. We deal in retail as well as in bulk quantity.

DNA Solutions is an Electronic Components shop located in Nashik, Maharashtra and if you are from Nashik you can collect material from our shop at Thakker Bazzar, NEW CBS or you can even place order online and material will be delivered directly to you. 

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