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DIY Automatic Hand Sanatizer


In this blog I will just explain the main parts and the alternatives required to make a Automatic Hand Sanatizer

Cytron Distributorship


DNA Solutions is Now All India Distributor for Cytron Technologies, Malaysia.

General Purpose PCB


General Purpose PCB or Zero PCB or Dotted PCB also known as Perfboard are perfect for quick prototyping and can be used by students for school and college projects. These PCB's are also used by Hobbyist and in Industries for R&D and Testing of small circuits.

Riverdi Distributorship


DNA Solutions is Now All India Distributor for Riverdi Displays

Introduction to Maduino


Arduino and IoT modules have drastically changed the world of Automation and because of the open source technology it has become very easy for embedded and IT developers to design IoT enabled prototype hardware and provide proof of concept.

Electronic Components Shop in Nashik


We are really excited to announce opening of our Electronic Component store in Nasik, Maharashtra. All electronic components, sensors, Modules, motors which are available on our online store (even more) will be available at our shop.

Types of Potentiometer now available


Potentiometers are normally a three terminal resistor that converts linear or rotational motion into resistance. Various types of  Variable Resistors/trimpots/potentiometers now in stock.

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