General Purpose PCB

General Purpose PCB or Zero PCB or Dotted PCB also known as Perfboard are perfect for quick prototyping and can be used by students for school and college projects. These PCB's are also used by Hobbyist and in Industries for R&D and Testing of small circuits.

Printed circuit Board commonly abbreviated as PCB is the base(literally) of electronics. The PCB provides support as well as electrically connects various Electronic Components in the circuit.

For testing or for mounting your components you can either design and manufacture a custom PCB or else you can mount it on a zero PCB and accordingly make the connections. General Purpose PCB are perfect if you have not finalized the design or you are making the circuit just once like for a school or college project. 

Advantages of using General Purpose PCB

  • Low cost.
  • Perfect for Prototyping and testing small circuits.
  • Perfect for all who are starting with Electronics.
  • Short Design Time
  • You can change the circuit at any time

Disadvantages of using General Purpose PCB

  • Cannot be used for Mass Production.
  • Difficult to Repair or Troubleshoot.
  • Soldering skills required.
  • Difficult to use for complex circuits.

Customized PCB's take time and expertise to manufacture. You can also make custom PCB for your project for which you will require Bare copper clad PCB and some other material as well. You can find online how to make custom PCB at home.

Normally three different types of general purpose PCB's are available in the market below we have given the list of dotted PCB's available in the market.

Types of General Purpose PCB

Single Sided Paper Phenolic

This is made of FR1 or FR2 type of copper clad (Paper phenolic) and are mostly used by students and hobbyist as they are low cost and easily available. In this type you can mount the components on one side and solder from the other side of PCB. Copper is available only on one side of the PCB.

Single Sided Glass Epoxy

This is made of FR4 type of copper clad (glass epoxy) used by students, hobbyist as well as in Industry these PCB are more sturdy as compared to Paper phenolic type. In this type you can mount the components on one side and solder from the other side of PCB. Copper is available only on one side of the PCB

Double Sided Glass Epoxy

This is made of FR4 type of copper clad (glass epoxy) these are used by hobbyist and are mostly used in Industry. In this type you can mount the components on both side as well as you can solder from both sides of PCB. Copper is available on both side of the PCB. Moreover the holes can be PTH (Plated through Holes) or NPTH (Non Plated through Holes). Most of the double sided PCB are PTH types but some local manufacturers (in India) manufacture NPTH types types as well.

Flexible PCB

These are new types of PCB not easily available in the market. These PCB's are flexible like a cloth and thus can be used where you can't use a Paper phenolic or glass epoxy PCB. These PCB are flexible thus you can easily adjust the circuit on it even in a small constraining place.

So if you are a newbie in the field or electronics or Electronic Hobbyist or a R&D Engineer you will be using a General purpose PCB.

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