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400 KV Boost step up Module

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3 - 6 Volt 400000 Volt Boost step up Module

High Voltage Generator 3 - 6 Volt to 400KV

The high-voltage module uses the principle Tesla coil is made of high-voltage pulse output voltage current, small size , high efficiency, simple external circuit ( just plug in the switch , the battery can be ) discharge intensity violent.

Specifications Of 3 - 6 Volt 400KV 400000V Boost step up Module

  • Input voltage: DC 3 to 6 volts
  • Input current: 2 to 5 Ampere
  • High pressure type: the type of pulse current
  • Output voltage: 400000 volt (Please pay attention to safety)
  • High pressure discharge distance between: 10 mm - 20 mm
  • The output high voltage wire length: 100 mm
  • Input power cord length: 100 mm (the red line is positive)


  • Red and green power connection red line:"+" green line "-"
  • Output : the other side ,same color cable


To avoid high-pressure high-voltage module load electricity use . Must adjust the high voltage side suitable distance (before electricity, battery voltage and capacity is proportional to the distance from high-voltage arcing used when testing the arc distance from short to long experiment , prohibited from beyond the arc when powered up , the energy can not be released due to high pressure , easily damage the module.)

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