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mics-6814 Air quality Sensor

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Mics-6814 Air quality Sensor Module

This module is a basically a breakout board for SGX Sensortech MICS 6814 Air Quality MOS Triple sensor. MiCS-6814 is a compact MOS sensor with three fully independent sensing elements on one package. It is a robust MEMS sensor for the detection of pollution from automobile exhausts and for agricultural/industrial odors.

MICS 6814 has a silicon gas sensor structure which consists of an accurately micro machined diaphragm with an embedded heating resistor and the sensing layer on top. The MiCS-6814 includes three sensor chips with independent heaters and sensitive layers. One sensor chip detects oxidising gases (OX) , the other sensor detects reducing gases (RED) and the other detects Ammonia (NH3).

Detectable gases using MICS-6814

  • Carbon monoxide CO 1 – 1000 ppm
  • Nitrogen dioxide NO2 0.05 – 10 ppm
  • Ethanol C2H5OH 10 – 500 ppm
  • Hydrogen H2 1 – 1000 ppm
  • Ammonia NH3 1 – 500 ppm
  • Methane CH4 >1000 ppm
  • Propane C3H8 >1000 ppm
  • Iso-butane C4H10 >1000 ppm

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