• ZE03-HCL GAS Sensor Module

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ZE03-HCL GAS Sensor Module

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ZE03-HCL GAS Sensor Module 

Electrochemical Detection Module ZE03-HCL

ZE03-HCL Gas sensor can be used to measure Hydrogen chloride concentration in atmosphere. This is an Industrial grade sensor and is are very easy to interface to your Micro-controller, Arduino as well as Raspberry Pi as they have linear Analog output as well as UART output (3 volts).

ZE03 Series of Gas Sensor Modules by Winsen is a general-purpose and high-performance electrochemical module. It uses three electrodes, electro-chemical gas sensor and high-performance micro-processor. By using this GAS Sensor you will be able to Monitor concentration of Oxygen gas.

It is with built-in temperature sensor to make temperature compensation, which makes more accurate to detect Hydrogen chloride gas concentration. It has the digital output as well as analog voltage output at the same time which facilities the usage and calibration and shortens the development period. It is a combination of mature electrochemical detection principle and sophisticated circuit design, to meet customers different detection needs.

    Features Of ZE03-HCL GAS Detection Module

    • High sensitivity & resolution
    • Low power consumption
    • UART and analog voltage output
    • Good stability and excellent anti-interference ability
    • Detection Gas : HCl, hydrogen chlorine
    • Detection Range : 0~20ppm

    Application Of ZE03-HCL GAS Detection Module

      • Portable and fixed gas detector, various gas detection equipment and situation.

      Technical Parameters of ZE03-HCL Hydrogen chloride GAS Sensor Module

      • Detection gas : Hydrogen Chloride (HCL)
      • Measurement Range : 0~20ppm
      • Max detecting concentration : 200ppm
      • Sensitivity : (0.8±0.4)µA/ppm
      • Resolution ratio : 0.1ppm
      • Response time : (T90)  ≤30S
      • Bias voltage : 0mV
      • Load resistance (recommend) : 10Ω
      • Repeatability : <2%output value
      • Stability (/month) : <2%
      • Output Linearit : linear
      • Zero drift (-20℃~40℃) : ≤0.2ppm
      • Storage temperature : -20°C~50°C
      • Storage Humidity : 15%~90%RH
      • Pressure range (kPa) : 90-110
      • Anticipated using life : 2 years

      Pin definition Of Electro-chemical Detection Module ZE03-HCL

      • GND : Ground
      • VCC : Power supply (4 volt to 9 volts)
      • VO : Analog output Voltage 
      • RXD : Serial Port Input (3 volts)
      • TXD : Serial port output (3 volts)

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      Country of Origin China
      Imported By ElectroSource Private Limited

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