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Riverdi 4.3” Resistive Touch Display with Frame

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  • Brand: Riverdi
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RiTFT-43-RES-FR 4.3 Inch Resistive Touch Display with Frame Mounting

Riverdi EVE Touch Screen Display with 4.3” Resistive Touch and easy frame mounting

RiTFT-43-RES-FR is a 4.3 TFT display with a resistive touchscreen based on Bridgetek BT81x controllers consists of a metal mounting frame, and a built-in LED inverter. The 480×272 resolution provides crisp and clear colors, while the screen is driven by the powerful BT816 graphics controller. Riverdi EVE Series RiTFT-43-RES-FR features the standard SPI/QSPI interface.

Riverdi Resistive Touchscreens are well-suited for more robust environments. Resistive Touchscreens have a high resistance to dust and other elements and they can be used even with gloved hands. Resistive touch screens also have low-power consumption and are suitable for battery powered devices.

We have Various sizes of Riverdi Display. Check out our complete collection of Riverdi Display.

If you are in Nashik you can buy this Electronic Component at our local shop at New CBS, Nashik or you can place order online and get it delivered at your doorstep anywhere in India.

Features for RiTFT-43-RES-FR Touch Display

  • Model Number : RVT43ALBFWR00
  • Weight : 76 grams
  • Active area  : 95.04×53.86mm
  • Dimensions  : 106.30×68.00×8.38mm
  • Operating temp : '-20~70'(°C)
  • Dot pitch : 0.066×0.198 (mm2)
  • LCD type : TFT
  • Input Voltage : 3.3 Volts
  • Viewing direction : 12:00 o'clock
  • Gray Scale Inversion Direct : 6:00 o'clock
  • Backlight Type : 10 LEDs
  • Pixel Arrangement : RGB Vertical Stripe
  • Controller : BT816
  • Resolution : 480×272
  • Size : 4.3 inch
  • Brightness : 440 (cd/m²)
  • Touch Screen : Resisitve
  • Interfaces : SPI/QSPI
  • Driver IC : ILI6480BQ


Technical Details

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