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  • RTC & EEPROM Board

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This is a very easy to use RTC & EEPROM Board.

We have used DS1307 RTC and have also provided on board 3V battery for the RTC. Four Pin connector is provided for easy interfacing with your circuit. You can use 1:1 jumper wires for easy interfacing this board with Arduino or Raspberry Pi thus avoiding all hassles of soldering. You can use this board with any micro-controller. It can also be used with Arduino, Raspberry Pi, beagle bone and other embedded modules.

This module uses I2C communication for interfacing with your controller. These I2C pins of SCL & SDA have been provided in the four pin connector for easy interfacing.

Please Note: We do not provide EEPROM with this board. RTC DS1307 & battery is provided. Please select your desired EEPROM from our list of 24Cxx EEPROMS.

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