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XL4016 280W CC-CV Buck Converter

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XL4016 280W CC-CV DC-DC Buck / Step-Down Converter

This is a high watt DC-DC Buck converter based on XlSemi's XL4016 DC to DC converter chip. The module has been provided with two trim pots one is for setting the output voltage and the other is for Constant Current (CC)  adjustment.

Specifications of XL4016 CC-CV Buck Converter Module

  • Input voltage: 7 Volt – 30 Volt DC
  • Output voltage: DC 0.8 – 28 Volt Continuous (Adjustable)
  • Output Current: 0 – 12 Ampere (Adjustable)
  • No-load current: Typical 20mA (24V switch 12V)
  • Output Power: Max 300W
  • Conversion efficiency: up to 95%
  • Operating frequency: 300KHZ
  • Load regulation: ± 1% ( constant )
  • Voltage regulation: ± 1%
  • Dynamic response speed: 5% 200uS
  • Output short circuit protection : Yes (limit current 14A)
  • Over-temperature protection: Yes
  • Input Reverse Polarity Protection: None
  • Output prevent backflow: None
  • Operating temperature: -40°c to +85°c
  • Size: 65 x 47 x 22mm (L x W x H)

XL4016 Applications

  • Car , laptop power supply : Run Laptop on DC24V Car battery . (Laptops usually require 17V – 18V DC.)
  • Run Communication equipment on 24V battery
  • Run Low voltage (12V – 18V) DC motors used in Robots on 24V or 36V batteries
  • Step down battery charger : Because of CC and CV adjustments module can be used as battery charger
  • Solar battery charger
  • Pre-supply voltage regulator for Lab Power Supply
  • Constant Current LED Lighting Power Supply


  • The maximum rated values should NEVER be continuous from the load or else the module will be damaged.
  • Be sure to install correct circuit protection, such as fuses, to the input of the module to avoid overloading and the potential for fire.
  • If temperature exceeds 65°C please add cooling fan
  • Failure to take these precautions and incorrect use of this module may result in damage, fire, and/or personal injury.
  • Output setpoint voltage must always be lower than applied input voltage.

Package Includes : 1x XL4016 280W CC-CV DC-DC Buck / Step-Down Converter 5-40V to 1.25-35V – Max 8A Output

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