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  • AD811 Video Op-Amp

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AD811 Video Op-Amp

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AD811 Video Op-Amp

AD811 is a wideband current feedback operational amplifier, the AD811 is optimized for broadcast-quality video systems.

The −3 dB bandwidth of 120 MHz at a gain of +2 and the differential gain and phase of 0.01% and 0.01° (RL = 150 Ω) make the AD811 an excellent choice for all video systems. The AD811 is designed to meet a stringent 0.1 dB gain flatness specification to a bandwidth of 35 MHz (G = +2) in addition to low differential gain and phase errors. This performance is achieved whether driving one or two back-terminated 75 Ω cables, with a low power supply current of 16.5 mA. Furthermore, the AD811 is specified over a power supply range of ±4.5 V to ±18 V.

The AD811 is also excellent for pulsed applications where transient response is critical. It can achieve a maximum slew rate of greater than 2500 V/μs with a settling time of less than 25 ns to 0.1% on a 2 V step and 65 ns to 0.01% on a 10 V step.

Features of AD811

  • High speed : 

                    - 140 MHz bandwidth (3 dB, G = +1)
                    - 120 MHz bandwidth (3 dB, G = +2)
                    - 35 MHz bandwidth (0.1 dB, G = +2)
                    - 2500 V/μs slew rate
                    - 25 ns settling time to 0.1% (for a 2 V step)
                    - 65 ns settling time to 0.01% (for a 10 V step)

  • Excellent video performance (RL =150 Ω) : 

                    - 0.01% differential gain, 0.01° differential phase
                    - Voltage noise of 1.9 nV/√Hz

  • Low distortion : THD = −74 dB at 10 MHz

  • Excellent dc precision : 3 mV max input offset voltage

  • Flexible operation :

                    - Specified for ±5 V and ±15 V operation
                    - ±2.3 V output swing into a 75 Ω load (VS = ±5 V)

Applications of AD811

  • Video crosspoint switchers, multimedia broadcast systems

  • HDTV compatible systems

  • Video line drivers, distribution amplifiers

  • ADC/DAC buffers

  • DC restoration circuits

  • Medical

  • Ultrasound

  • PET

  • Gamma

  • Counter applications

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