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ST7920 128X64 Green GLCD

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ST7920 128X64 Green GLCD

This is a 128 x 64 green graphical LCD with ST7920 LCD Controller/driver.

Main this about this display is that it supports three different types of interface namely 8 bit, 4 bit and Serial SPI interface. This GLCD has a yellow green background with 128x64 monochrome dark green pixels.

ST7920 LCD controller/driver IC can display alphabets, numbers, Chinese fonts and self-defined characters. It supports 3 kinds of bus interface, namely 8 bit/4bit and serial. All functions, including display RAM, character generator ROM, LCD display drivers and control circuits are all in a one-chip solution. With a minimum system configuration, a Chinese character display system can easily achieved.

Features of ST7920 GLCD

  • Built-in Controller (ST7920)

  • +5V Power Supply

  • 1/64 Duty Cycle

  • Color:Green, yellow color

  • Voltage operating range: - 2.7 to 5.5V

  • Support 8 bit, 4 bit, serial bus MPU interface  

  • 64 x 16-bits character display RAM (max. 16 chars x 4 lines, LCD display range 16 char. X 2 lines

  • 64 x 256-bits graphic display RAM(GDRAM)

  • 2M-bits Chinese fonts ROM (CGROM)

  • supporting 8192 Chinese fonts (16x16 dot matrix)

  • 16K-bits half height ROM (HCGROM) supporting

  • 126 character set (16x8 dot matrix)

  • 64 x 16-bits character generation RAM (CGRAM)

  • 15 x 16-bits total 240 ICON RAM(IRAM)

  • 33-common x 64-segment (2 lines display) LCD drivers

  • Automatic power on reset

  • External reset pin (XRESET)

  • With extension segment drivers display area can up to 16x2 lines

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