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  • Nuvoton MS51FB9AE Microcontroller

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Nuvoton MS51FB9AE Microcontroller

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Nuvoton MS51FB9AE Microcontroller

Nuvoton MS51FB9AE microcontroller in TSSOP20 package

NuMicro® MS51FB9AE is embedded with based on 1T 8051-based CMOS microcontroller, runs up to 24 MHz, features 16 K bytes flash, 1 K bytes SRAM, and 4 K bytes loader ROM for the ISP, also equipped with rich peripherals: 2 sets of UART; 1 set of I²C, and 1 set of SPI, 18 GPIO, 8 channels of 12-bit ADC, Watchdog Timer, Window Watchdog Timer and 6*16-bit PWM channel, package is available in TSSOP20.

The MS51 is an embedded flash type, 8-bit high performance 1T 8051-based microcontroller. The instruction set is fully compatible with the standard 80C51 and performance enhanced. The MS51 contains a up to 16K Bytes of main Flash called APROM, in which the contents of User Code resides. The MS51 Flash supports In-Application-Programming (IAP) function, which enables on-chip firmware updates. IAP also makes it possible to configure any block of User Code array to be used as non-volatile data storage, which is written by IAP and read by IAP or MOVC instruction, this function means whole 16K Bytes area all can be use as Data Flash through IAP command. MS51 support an function of configurationable Flash from APROM called LDROM, in which the Boot Code normally resides for carrying out In-System-Programming (ISP). The LDROM size is configurable with a maximum of 4K Bytes by CONFIG define. There is an additional include special 128 bytes security protection memory (SPROM) to enhance the security and protection of customer application. To facilitate programming and verification, the Flash allows to be programmed and read electronically by parallel Writer or In-Circuit-Programming (ICP). Once the code is confirmed, user can lock the code for security.

Features of Nuvoton MS51FB9AE Microcontroller

  • Wide supply voltage from 2.4V to 5.5V.
  • Wide operating frequency up to 24 MHz.
  • Industrial temperature grade: -40℃ to +105℃.
  • Up to 16K Bytes of APROM for User Code.
  • 4/3/2/1 Kbytes of Flash for loader (LDROM) configure from APROM for In-SystemProgrammable (ISP)
  • Flash Memory accumulated with pages of 128 Bytes from APROM by In-ApplicationProgrammable (IAP) means whole APROM can be use as Data Flash
  • An additional 128 bytes security protection memory SPROM
  • 256 Bytes on-chip RAM.
  • Additional 1K Bytes on-chip auxiliary RAM (XRAM) accessed by MOVX instruction.
  • Up to 17 GPIO pins and 1 input-only pin. All output pins have individual 2-level slew ratecontrol.
  • Standard interrupt pins INT0 ̅̅̅̅̅̅̅ and INT1 ̅̅̅̅̅̅̅.
  • Eight channels of pin interrupt, shared for all I/O ports, with variable configuration of edge/level detection.
  • Two 16-bit Timers/Counters 0 and 1 compatible with standard 8051.
  • One 16-bit Timer 2 with three-channel input capture module and 9 input pin can be selected.
  • One 16-bit auto-reload Timer 3, which can be the baud rate clock source of UARTs.
  • Three pairs, six channels of pulse width modulator (PWM) output, 10 output pins can be selected., up to 16-bit resolution, with different modes and Fault Brake function for motor control.PWM counter individal interrupt for timer.
  • One programmable Watchdog Timer (WDT) with reset options
  • One dedicated Self Wake-up Timer (WKT) for self-timed wake-up for power reduced modes.
  • Two full-duplex UART ports with frame error detection and automatic address recognition. TXD and RXD pins of UART0 exchangeable via software.
  • One SPI port with master and slave modes, up to 8 Mbps when system clock is 16 MHz.
  • One I2C bus with master and slave modes, up to 400 kbps data rate.
  • One 12-bit ADC, up to 500 ksps converting rate, hardware triggered and conversion result compare facilitating motor control.

Package Includes

1 x Nuvoton MS51FB9AE Microcontroller

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