Heart Beat Sensor

Heart Beat Sensor

Heartbeat SensorUse our Heartbeat sensor to measure the Heart Rate or pulse rate of a person. H..

PLC 1672 Power Line Modem

PLC 1672 Power Line Modem

PLC 1672 Power Line Communication ModemPower line Modem is a communication module which sends data o..

RFID Based Projects

RFID based Attendance System.

RFID based Latch.

RFID based Library Management.

RFID based Health Care system

RFID based bus Indicator.

RFID based Toll booth automation.

RFID based Intelligent Signals.

RFID based vehicle tracking.

RFID based Unmanned Petrol Pump.

RFID based car parking.


RFID based Hotel Room Management.

RFID based person tracking.

RFID based CAR for signal break detection.

RFID based Shopping cart.

RFID Based Pre-Paid Energy Meter.

RFID based bus announcement system for Blind.


Low Cost RFID readers available with us. For mor information go here.

For more project ideas contact me at contact@dnatechindia.com.

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