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Samsung 18650 2600mah Li-ion Battery

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Configuring HYPERTERMINAL for Serial Communication

Hyperterminal is a communication program that is included free with Windows 95 and later. In a normal installation of Windows 95 or later, Hyperterminal is automatically installed under Programs:Accessories, so you access it as follows:



Upon launching Hyperterminal, you'll be given the opportunity to name and assign an icon to your settings. You may choose any name/icon. Afterwards, a series of dialog boxes will appear Check FIGURE 1.



After that in the 'CONNECT TO' screen select connect using COM 1 or COM 2 depends upon your computer & click OK.




In the PROPERTIES section select the desired BAUDRATE,

Bits per Second: select 9600 (or desired baud rate)

Data Bits: select 8 Parity: select None

Stop Bits: select 1

Flow Control: select none

Click OK


This will get you into the Hyper terminal wndow. Now you can start sending & receiving data serially through PC.





NOTE: In HYPERTERMINAL tha data you are typing (sending serially) is not displayed on the screen. Whereas the data that is received  is displayed on the Hyperterminal Screen.

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