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Delay Based LED Blinking Program


Here is a simple code for Blinking a LED. The LED is connected to P2.0 & 12MHz crystal is used. The Anode of the LED is given to Vcc through a resistor & the cathode is connected to the microcontroller pin. Please check this link to see how to interface LED to Microcontroller. The LED is ON for One Second & OFF for ONE Second. This delay of ONE Second can be changed by changing the values loaded into the R7, R6 and R5 in the delay subroutine. The higher the value loaded the higher the delay. Since the controller is 8 bit microcontroller values greater than 255 cannot be loaded.


led1 bit P       2.0

ORG 0000h


clr led1


call delay

setb led1


call delay

ajmp loop


mov r7,#200


mov r6,#217


mov r5,#10

djnz r5,$

// "$" over here indicates jump at the same location

djnz r6,l2_delay

djnz r7,l1_delay




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