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B0505S-1WR3 MORNSUN Isolated DC - DC Converter

B0505S-1WR3 MORNSUN Isolated DC - DC Converter

Mornsun B0505S-1WR3 DC-DC Isolated ConverterMORNSUN B0505S 1WR3 1 watt, 5 Volts Isolated DC to DC Po..

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XL1509-Adj E1 Buck DC to DC Converter IC (SOP8L Package)

XL1509-Adj E1 Buck DC to DC Converter IC (SOP8L Package)

XL1509-Adj E1 Buck DC to DC Converter IC (SOP8L Package)XL1509-Adj E1 Buck DC to DC Converter IC, Ad..

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PIR Based Power Saver

This is a very simple non micro-controller based project based on Passive Infrared Sensor also called as PIR Sensor. This projects is perfect for electronic beginners who have just started to learn electronics and are interested in implementing practical projects. Save Electricity using this easy to implement DIY electronic project.

We have implemented PIR based Power saver project in our room and connected to a light source (Tube light) so whenever there is a motion in the room the Light is turned on. This project is also known as PIR based Home Automation or PIR based Electrical Appliance control. The PIR sensor is the main component of the project. A PIR sensor is a Passive Infrared Sensor which detects change in infrared and accordingly gives output. This output is then used to Drive a relay using a BC547 Transistor which provides the necessary current required for driving the relay. If you want you can study about working of relay driver circuit.

Check this video for step by step instruction on how the project was implemented and detailed explanation of PIR sensor.

Below is the Circuit diagram for the PIR based Power Saver Project

From the above circuit diagram you can see by using few low cost components you can save a lot of power.

List Components Used

This low cost project is also helpful for controlling Porch lights, Bathroom Lights, Parking Lights, Staircase Lights, Passage Lights and in other places where lights need not be continuously on. We can also connect siren instead of the mains light source and we get a ready low cost security system. 

Do try this project and let us know what you think. If you have any queries feel free to ask them in the comments section below.

NOTE: Please be careful while connecting this circuit to the Mains
Written by Harish Perla

Harish Perla

Harish is an Electrical and Electronics Engineering student having passion in Electronics. He wants to learn electronics, robotics and make small useful projects using the basic concepts of Electronics and Robotics. Also he is interested in sharing his knowledge by posting projects that he has made. You can checkout his Blog for Electronics Projects