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Automatic Irrigation System

Automatic Irrigation System


A soil moisture sensor is used to monitor the moisture content in the soil and accordingly turn ON/OFF the pump & supply required water to the farm without any human intervention.


The Objectives of this project is to design and fabricate an automatic irrigation system thereby saving time & power for the farmer.


The water harvesting is the backbone of farming industry. As per India is censured  lot of water gets wasted due to many regions .So the requirement of water for farm can’t get fulfill. Due to the improper maintenance and wrong water harvesting plan the irrigation of water is also the main problem.
Day by day the rain percentage is also becoming less and so a very small amount of water is available for the farming. Most of water percentages also get wasted due to lack of proper attention by farmer.

So we are present a smart provision to deals with this problem that is nothing but “Automatic Irrigation Control System”.

Actually we are sensing the water level by using the ground water sensor and accordingly control the motor. This is the very cost efficient unit as the cost of sensor is very economical. The heart of the system is microcontroller 89c52. A simple assembly language program can perform all required operation.

Block Diagram:

Automatic Irrigation System

Future Scope:

  1. GSM can be added for sending SMS to the concerned person in case of any problem.
  2. Other Parameters such as ambient temperature, light intensity & humidity can be measured.
  3. Pesticides & fertilizers can also be added automatically in the water.

Hardware Requirement:

  1. Microcontroller 89S52
  2. LCD 16x 2 Alphanumeric Displays.
  3. ADC: MCP 3201
  4. Relay & Relay Driver Circuit.
  5. Soil Moisture Sensor

Software Requirement:

  1. Keil Software as Compiler.
  2. Proteus for Circuit Designing.
  3. Protel for PCB Designing.

Text Books:

  1. Muhammad Ali Mazidi –“THE 8051 MICROCONTROLLER AND EMBEDDED SYSTEMS”, Pearson education,




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