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B0505S-1WR3 MORNSUN Isolated DC - DC Converter

B0505S-1WR3 MORNSUN Isolated DC - DC Converter

Mornsun B0505S-1WR3 DC-DC Isolated ConverterMORNSUN B0505S 1WR3 1 watt, 5 Volts Isolated DC to DC Po..

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XL1509-Adj E1 Buck DC to DC Converter IC (SOP8L Package)

XL1509-Adj E1 Buck DC to DC Converter IC (SOP8L Package)

XL1509-Adj E1 Buck DC to DC Converter IC (SOP8L Package)XL1509-Adj E1 Buck DC to DC Converter IC, Ad..

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Electronic Voting Machine

Electronic Voting Machine


The Project Electronic Voting System is an  interesting project which uses 89S52 microcontroller as its brain. The project is designed for four contestants. Voters can poll their vote to any one of the contestant.

The 89S52 microcontroller contains four ports of each eight pins. In this project one port is dedicated for micro switches for four contestants, master switch for polling officer. 4 LEDs are connected to indicate the switch bounce conditions. A simple yet powerful program is written in assembly language and burned into the microcontroller to accept votes and to count total votes polled.

Polling officer switch (master) is provided to avoid multiple polling of single voter. Every voter should get approval from the polling officer. If the polling officer issues approval with his control switch, then only a voter can poll his vote. This issuance of approval is indicated by an long buzzer beep.

Vote count are stored in PC and display the total number of votes polled and individual contestant-vise votes polled.

A buzzer is provided for audio effect of switch bounce. Whenever a switch is bounced, the system acknowledges the bounce by a short beep sound. This buzzer is driven by an NPN transistor. If voter tried to multiple polling long beep sound.

This project uses regulated 5V, 500mA power supply. 7805 three terminal voltage regulator is used for voltage regulation. Bridge type full wave rectifier is used to rectify the ac out put of secondary of 230/12V step down transformer.


A very low cost and effective voting machine has been implemented using 8051 based microcontroller. This voting system avoids multiple polling by a single user and also provides instantaneous results which are displayed on the PC.


India is the largest democracy of the world. People’s active participation in the formation of the government is an important aspect of a democratic government. This is ensured by elections. Conducting free and fair elections in a populous country like India is an uphill task. It’s a challenge to conduct elections for selection of candidates to represent the people of the country at different levels. Even more important is the timely declaration of results. This is necessary to bring stability in the governance and steady economic growth of the nation.

Till now we have been using the paper and ballot system for conducting. The loop holes in this traditional system are gradually widening .Its more susceptible to booth capturing and result manipulation. Even more tedious is the task of counting the votes and declaring the results.

An ELECTRONIC VOTING MACHINE is an answer to all these problems. It’s a technological masterpiece. Many countries worldover have shown their interest in learning the mechanism behind this simple yet powerful machine. Its got a very simple interface,its tamperproof, prevents bogus voting and it has helped in getting rid of the time consuming task of counting.

Block Diagram:

Electronic Voting Machine

Hardware Requirement:

  1. Microcontroller: 89S52
  2. Max232.
  3. Buzzer, Switches, LED’s.

Software Requirement:

  1. Keil Software as Compiler.
  2. Proteus for Circuit Designing.
  3. Protel for PCB Designing.
  4. VB software.


  1. It is economical
  2. Less manpower required
  3. Time conscious, as less time required for voting & counting
  4. Avoids invalid voting
  5. Saves transportation cost due to its compact size
  6. Convenient on the part of voter
  7. easy transportation, storage, and maintenance
  8. easy and accurate counting without any mischief at the counting centre
  9. Eco friendly


  1. Limited no. of candidates.
  2. More candidates mean implies complicated circuit.


  1. This could be used for voting purpose at any required place.
  2. It is used in general elections for choosing candidates to represent people at various stages.
  3. It can be used in school ,college student union elections.
  4. It can be used to find the general opinion of people on various issues.
  5. Anywhere where majority opinion is to be found out.

Future Scope:

  1. Timer could be included, which could automatically end the voting after specific duration of time.
  2. Biomatric Verification of voters, so that automatically it can be insured that one person is voting once.
  3. It can be made more interactive by adding sound effect (Speech) to it.
  4. EEPROM can be used to store data permanently.
  5. If we make more than one EVM, each to be used at differant locations and final result will be addition of result of all, we could think of connecting them to communicate with each other and final result can be shown on one of the LCD.

Text Books:

  1. Muhammad Ali Mazidi –“THE 8051 MICROCONTROLLER AND EMBEDDED SYSTEMS”, Pearson education,




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  2. Electrikindia
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