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Arduino Thermometer using LM35 Temperature Sensor

Arduino Thermometer using LM35 Temperature Sensor is a very simple to implement Arduino based project. Its a perfect project if you are a beginner and have just started implementing Arduino projects. 

Circuit Diagram for Arduino Thermometer

In this project we will be displaying temperature in degree Centigrade and Fahrenheit as well. The ambient temperature is sensed using LM35 Temperature sensor which is a linear sensor. LM35 gives linear output of 10mv/°C this output of the sensor is then given to Analog input of Arduino UNO. Which then measures the temperature and displays it on 16x2 Alphanumeric Display in real time. 

Components used for Arduino Thermometer

Implemented Circuit Output

Code for Arduino Thermometer

 Arduino Thermometer using LM35  
 Tested By Amol Shah from DNA Technology :  
 To wire your LCD screen to your Arduino, connect the following pins:   
 LCD Pin 6 to digital pin 12   
 LCD Pin 4 to digital pin 11   
 LCD Pin 11 to digital pin 5   
 LCD Pin 12 to digital pin 4   
 LCD Pin 13 to digital pin 3   
 LCD Pin 14 to digital pin 2   
 LiquidCrystal lcd(12,11,5,4,3,2);  
 const int inPin = 0;  
 void setup()  
  lcd.print(" Thermometer");   
 void loop()  
  int value = analogRead(inPin);  
  float millivolts = (value / 1024.0) * 5000;  
  float celsius = millivolts / 10;  
  lcd.print("C ");  
  lcd.print((celsius * 9)/5 + 32);  

 You can Download the working Code from HERE

Written by Amol Shah

Amol Shah

Founder of DNA Technology an Electronic Engineer by choice. Started working on this website as an Hobby and now its a full time venture. Very passionate about Electronics and like to learn new stuff. Want to make DNA Technology one of the best Online Store for Electronics Components in India.
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