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B0505S-1WR3 MORNSUN Isolated DC - DC Converter

B0505S-1WR3 MORNSUN Isolated DC - DC Converter

Mornsun B0505S-1WR3 DC-DC Isolated ConverterMORNSUN B0505S 1WR3 1 watt, 5 Volts Isolated DC to DC Po..

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XL1509-Adj E1 Buck DC to DC Converter IC (SOP8L Package)

XL1509-Adj E1 Buck DC to DC Converter IC (SOP8L Package)

XL1509-Adj E1 Buck DC to DC Converter IC (SOP8L Package)XL1509-Adj E1 Buck DC to DC Converter IC, Ad..

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Arduino Based Self Stabilizing Platform

Nowadays Self-stabilizing platform finds its use in various applications from as simple as camera stabilization to surgery platforms. It can also be used in ships or vehicles to develop self-leveling anti motion sickness seats, or making Earthquake proof buildings this same mechanism is also used inself balancing scooter also known as hoverboard . The applications can be unlimited and depends upon your imagination.

Over here we will show you how to make your own one axis Self-stabilizing platform. You can modify the project and you two motors to make a two axis Self-stabilizing platform

DIY Arduino Based Self Stabilizing Platform

Required Components

This projects basically has three parts:

MPU6050 MEMS Sensor

MPU6050 is a MEMS Sensor with an accelerometer and gyro sensor in a single chip. It is very accurate and has an internal 16-bit ADC for each channel. And the sensors interface easily to Arduino using I2C protocol. 

MPU6050 Sensor IC requires 3.3 volts. So we are using GY521 Module which contains MPU6050 IC and a 3.3 volt voltage regulator so you can directly provide 5 volt for operation. This module also has internal pull up resistor for I2C communication so you do not need to provide external pull-up resistors.

Arduino UNO

The processing unit or the micro-controller unit takes reading from the sensor and according calculates the angle and accordingly controls the platform with servo motor. 

Over here we have used Arduino UNO. Instead you can even use Arduino Nano or if you want to reduce cost you can use Arduino Pro Mini.

Servo Motor

For Motors we have decided to use Servo motor as it is very easy to operate and has internal feedback mechanism so no external feedback is required for the platform. Over here we have used MG90 Metal gear Servo Motor. Depending on the weight of the stabilizing platform you can change the motor that you require. Higher torque servo motors like MG995, MG996 can also be used.

Arduino Code for Self Stabalizing Platform


Below is a complete video on how you can make this Project.


Special thanks to Pawandeep Singh for Testing this project and making this awesome video. You can follow him on Instagram and even subscribe to his Youtube Channel: Only Inovative for more such videos.

Written by Amol Shah

Amol Shah

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